April News

As the days grow longer and spring begins to bloom in the Netherlands, thermometers in Cambodia are reaching heights of over 40 degrees Celsius. Amidst this heat and a shortage of rain, Cambodia is currently celebrating Khmer New Year, one of the country’s most significant holidays.

Shaping minds and futures

At DARA Europe, we take pride in introducing you to the latest driving force behind the educational programs of our partner organization Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) in Cambodia. Sivorn stepped into the role of Education Manager at SCCO, a position supported by DARA Europe and created to meet the growing demand for educational activities within Andong. She’s committed to enhancing teacher capabilities and refining curriculum and teaching methodologies.

 Microcredits: Transforming families in Andong from financial struggles to success stories

In Andong, a community where many people live in poverty, SCCO has been offering microcredits since 2022, thanks to the support of DARA Europe. As part of the family support program, SCCO provides small, interest-free, microcredits. Join us as we delve into Mr. Noeun’s story to gain a deeper understanding of how microcredits are reshaping the lives of entrepreneurial families in Andong.

Growing Stronger together through Self-Help Groups and parent meetings

In Andong, where challenges for children, young adults, and families can sometimes seem overwhelming, Poutheary works as a social worker at SCCO. She plays a crucial role in organizing self-help groups for young people and meetings for adults in the community. In this blog, Poutheary shares how SCCO is making a difference with their family support programs in Andong.