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DARA Europe is ontstaan uit initiatief van Tirza Voss en Ruud Bakker. Inmiddels bestaat DARA Europe uit een team van vele vrijwilligers. Hieronder vindt u meer inforDARA Europe originated from the initiative of Tirza Voss and Ruud Bakker. Currently, DARA Europe consists of a team of many volunteers. Below you can find more information about the members and volunteers of this foundation, who they are, what they do, and why they are committed to DARA Europe.

Partners and Organizational Structure

DARA Europe has been an official foundation since March 15th 2012. However, the founders have been involved in Andong, the slum in Cambodia, since 2009. A start was made in 2010 on the basis of a private initiative to offer practical support, always with structural goals in mind. Since 2011, various partnerships have been established in order to make a big difference for the children in Andong.

Major structural changes took place in 2012: the private support in the Netherlands was converted into the DARA Europe foundation and the Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) was established in Cambodia. Both foundations aim to give the children in the village of Andong and their families a better life.

In addition to DARA Europe, two other sister organizations are closely involved in Stellar Child Care Organization’s work. Stellar Children Trust (in Australia) and the DARA Children Trust (in New Zealand) each also contribute financially to SCCO. DARA Europe, Stellar Children Trust and DARA Children Trust have each appointed one person as board member of SCCO and are thus involved in the management of SCCO. The necessary control can also be maintained in this way. For DARA Europe this person is Tirza Voss.

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The Tax Authorities have designated the DARA Europe foundation for an indefinite period of time as an ANBI – Algemeen Nut Beogende Institutions (Public Benefit Institutions) with the RSIN number 8514.80.226. This ANBI is a guarantee that the spending of our donations and our bookkeeping are extra carefully monitored. In addition, this ANBI gives you the opportunity to deduct your sponsorship to DARA Europe from your tax. More information on the website of the Dutch Tax Authorities

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