Get involved

We can all change the life of a child in Cambodia. Make a donation, become a sponsor, and get involved in our work.

Make a donation

Since 2012, DARA Europe has been working to build a bright future for the children in the vulnerable community in Andong. Thanks to our donors, we create healthy and safe environments for children to thrive.

Every contribution counts! DARA Europe guarantees that all donations will fully benefit the activities of the Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) in Andong.

In Andong, various projects, programs, and facilities have been developed to improve well-being, safety and education. Our sponsors donate the proceeds from actions, events, and campaigns to provide structural support to the children and their families.

DARA Europe invests in activities that effectively break the cycle of poverty. Sponsorship of our projects allows organizations to give substance to their corporate social responsibility.

Work as a volunteer

DARA Europe’s work is based on a solid network of active volunteers. Our volunteers organize and coordinate sponsorship activities, often in close collaboration with sponsors, schools, churches, and other organizations. In addition, the DARA Europe board is supported by volunteer specialists in finance, administration, and communication.

Would you like to set up an activity to raise funds for DARA Europe? Or do you have a good idea for a joint sponsorship activity? Would you like to contribute your expertise and talents to support the teams in the Netherlands, or in Cambodia? We would love to hear about it.

Feel free to contact us with ideas about cooperative initiatives to support Andong. Would you like to become a sponsor and get to know the children in Andong and see the results of our work? Please let us know!

Shop via DoelShop

DARA Europe participates in Doelshop. This website allows Dutch consumers to shop at more than three hundred well-known web stores. For every purchase, Doelshop makes a donation to a good cause, enabling you to shop online while at the same time supporting good causes. By chosing DARA Europe as your preferred charity, you will shop online and support our work, without it costing you any money, time, or effort.