April News

As the days grow longer and spring begins to bloom in the Netherlands, thermometers in Cambodia are reaching heights of over 40 degrees Celsius. Amidst this heat and a shortage of rain, Cambodia is currently celebrating Khmer New Year, one of the country’s most significant holidays.

News from Cambodia

The first phase of the construction of the community center has been completed

After all the paperwork and signatures were completed at the end of 2023, the construction of SCCO’s new community center in Andong could finally begin. During the work visit of team members Tirza and Jorik, the first pillars of the foundation were going into the ground, a significant and symbolic step of change and progress. The first phase is successfully completed, with the placement of the foundation and the initial structure of the building. At this moment, we are focusing on the second phase, in which all remaining structural work will be completed. For the final phase, which includes finishing work such as electricity, installation of toilets, and other facilities, we are still seeking additional funds. Do you know or work for a company that we could approach? Will you also contribute to this important step for the community of Andong? 

Tirza & Jorik Work Visit

Tirza (founder of DARA Europe) and Jorik (chairman) spent three weeks on a voluntary work visit in Andong earlier this year. During workshops with the team, current programs were evaluated, and plans for 2024 were extensively discussed. Thanking the team for all their hard work, Tirza and Jorik sponsored a team outing aimed at further strengthening team bonds. Special attention also went to coaching the management team, especially since the appointment of Sivorn (education manager) earlier in 2023. This position, supported by DARA Europe, was created to meet the growing demand for educational activities in Andong and aims to further professionalize teachers and develop SCCO’s educational programs and methodologies. 

In addition to team activities, Tirza & Jorik also spent time with the students and children from the former childcare center, still supported by SCCO. During their stay in Cambodia, two students moved into dormitories in Phnom Penh and began their studies, a wonderful step towards independence.

Of course, the work visit also included meetings with various stakeholders to evaluate existing partnerships and explore new opportunities. One such example is the collaboration between SCCO and the local primary school Kork Rokar, which plays a crucial role in improving education in Andong. 

News from the Netherlands

Fundraising campaign of the Vastenactie

During Lent, a period of reflection and solidarity, DARA Europe was part of the “Vastenactie”.

Donations were raised for the project “More Future Opportunities for Children in Cambodia” together with various churches, municipalities, and schools. A special compliment during one of the presentations highlighted the transparency of our organization. Thank you for all the support and involvement during this Lenten period.

Also in the News

Support the team

To increase our impact and achieve our goals, we are looking for additional support in our team of volunteers. Are you creative, communicative, and passionate about sharing our mission? We would love to meet you. We are looking for support in the ‘marketing and communication’ and ‘actions and events’ working groups. You’ll work on content creation for our social media and website or focus on organizing events and (online and offline) activities aimed at awareness and fundraising. Want to join?