Shaping minds and futures

Meet Sivorn, Education Manager at SCCO

At DARA Europe, we take pride in introducing you to the latest driving force behind the educational programs of our partner organization Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) in Cambodia. Sivorn stepped into the role of Education Manager at SCCO, a position supported by DARA Europe and created to meet the growing demand for educational activities within Andong. She’s committed to enhancing teacher capabilities and refining curriculum and teaching methodologies.

Classes meet community needs 

Sivorn is overseeing all classes: Kindergarten Levels 2 and 3, Intensive Classes for grades 1 and 2, Computer Classes, and English Classes. Each of the classes holds immense significance by addressing the diverse educational needs within the community.  

“For grades 1 and 2, SCCO offers Khmer and Mathematics Intensive Classes, designed to accelerate reading and writing skills” explains Sivorn. She emphasizes the importance of mastering these basics early on as a motivation among students to ensure sustained engagement in their education journey.  

sivorn, smiling at the camera
Sivorn, during the teacher retreat day this winter

She continues: “The English class is an important resource for students who lack access to private English education. SCCO strives to equip them with fundamental skills, empowering them for a brighter future”. 

The SCCO Kindergarten program, currently available for 4 and 5-year-olds, operates both morning and afternoon shifts. But, more students registered than places available this year. This overwhelming demand from the community leads to aspirations for expansion. With the right resources, Sivorn envisions not only opening additional classes for 4 and 5-year-olds but also introducing a Kindergarten Level 1 for 3-year-olds, addressing wishes of the community. 

A holistic approach to success

Sivorn is clear in her goal – nurturing outstanding students with good behavior. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by children in the Andong community, she focuses not only on classroom dynamics but also on building strong parent-child relationships. “We support parents in understanding how to guide their children effectively. A positive relationship and instilling good morality are key in ensuring the success of our students,” says Sivorn. By encouraging parents to become aware of their role and providing them with the right tools, SCCO aims to create a supportive environment for the positive development of students, both at home and at school.

Support for Education 

Sivorn extends her heartfelt gratitude to all donors who have played a role in contributing to the education of Cambodian children, whether through financial contributions or the warmth of their hearts. She expresses immense pride in working for SCCO, knowing that all (financial) support contributes to a brighter future for the children in Andong.  

Join us and Sivorn in making a difference! Together, let’s build a community where every child has the chance to thrive through quality education.