Collaboration between SCCO and local Primary school Kork Rokar improves education in Andong

DARA Europe is proud to support the strong collaboration between SCCO, our partner organization in Cambodia, and the local primary school Kork Rokar in Andong. This collaboration has achieved important milestones over the years.

Many children from Andong, but also the surrounding area, go to this public primary school. At the beginning of 2024, Kork Rokar consists of 1,550 students, 29 classes and 33 teachers, according to the school director. The children receive part-time lessons that change monthly, with a morning or afternoon shift, not unusual in Cambodia.

An important part of SCCO’s education program is the enrollment of countless children at Kork Rokar’s primary school, often after attending SCCO’s pre-primary classes. Kork Rokar provides the opportunity to start their school career. SCCO’s social worker is in regular contact with the teachers of Kork Rokar to check the children’s attendance and school results.

A second result of this collaboration is the construction of new classrooms, made possible by successful lobbying efforts by the SCCO team at the Ministry of Education. This expansion has not only contributed to the growth of the school, but also to the improvement of the overall environment. Post-COVID, these new classrooms opened.

In 2012, DARA Europe started supporting SCCO and at that time the classes were often filled with more than 100+ children. This has now been reduced to 52 children per class. Still a lot… but much better! Having fewer children in a class means more attention per child, which significantly improves the quality of education.

In 2023, a significant step was taken with the establishment of a computer class. A motivated computer teacher, employed by SCCO, teaches basic skills to the children of grade 6, the last group of primary school.

“This bridge to secondary school ensures that we prepare the students and lay the foundation for the technology of the future”, confirms the school director.

Together with SCCO and the local primary school Kork Rokar, DARA Europe is committed to a better future, in which education is central.

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