Supporting young talent through education and work

As part of our efforts to support children in Cambodia, DARA Europe aims to create jobs and other income generating activities for Andong inhabitants. Therefore, our local partner recruits teachers from the Phnom Penh region. A win-win situation: staff is well informed about local issues, and we enable community members to gain valuable work experience. Teacher Lim Ngim shares his experiences.

Student Lim Ngim assists in the educational programmes of Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO) in Andong, the local NGO supported by DARA Europe. SCCO funds Lim’s parttime job and reimburses his study expenses.    

Ngim started his civil engineering study at the National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia in Phnom Penh in 2020. His family doesn’t live in the area, and therefore Lim stays at the university dormitory. “My father passed away a few years ago and my mother is a housewife. It’s difficult to get by as a student. I have to pay for all expenses myself: for my study costs as well as for my dormitory room, meals, clothes, etcetera.” In 2022, one of his university teachers connected Lim with SCCO. Soon after he was hired as a parttime teaching assistant for the computer classes, first at the SCCO community center, and later at the local primary school.

“It’s fantastic to work with SCCO and to help educate the children and young adults in Andong”, Ngim enthuses. “I’m so happy to be able to make a difference for kids who often grow up in very difficult circumstances. With high quality education and tailormade assistance the children will get more chances for a bright future.” DARA Europe supports SCCO’s educational programmes as well as computer classes at the local primary school.

“The working environment is very pleasant: my manager and colleagues are friendly, open and very dedicated to the classes”, Ngim adds. “They actively stimulate the further development of my skills and expertise. I also learn a lot from the DARA Europe board members and the international volunteers who regularly stay in Andong. I am truly grateful for SCCO’s support to the community and I’m thankful to be part of the movement towards a bright future for the Andong inhabitants.” 

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