A safe home as a basis for a bright future

Education is a key pillar in the projects in Cambodia that DARA Europe supports. For children to thrive at school, they need to grow up in a safe place. Therefore, we support local initiatives to enable families to cater for their basic needs. Social worker Sokun shares her story.

Since 2020, social worker Sokun is a team member of Stellar Child Care Organization (SCCO), the local NGO that is co-funded by DARA Europe to support the community in Andong, Cambodia. Working closely together with the SCCO teachers and other professionals, Sokun is dedicated to helping children succeed at school and to support young adults to develop a successful career.

“I pay regular visits to the families and schools in order to check if everything is going well”, says Sokun, who is the key contact person for the children that DARA Europe provides long-term support for. “Everything we do is focused on giving the children the assistance that they may need to grow and thrive.”

Sokun coaches some of the most vulnerable families that DARA Europe is supporting, organizing tailormade solutions, whether it be for education or care.

It’s important to create a safe and confidential setting for children and young adults to express their emotions, concerns, and questions, emphasizes Sokun. “We spend a lot of time discussing the issues that they’re facing, and we openly talk about the future that they envision. In addition, we activate parents to stimulate their children to attend school.” Sokun also provides practical advice. For instance, she helps with filling out school registration forms, and with financial matters such as opening a bank account. Sokun is also an experienced study choice and career development coach.

“My mission is to support the children who have been temporarily accommodated in the SCCO shelter to build a bright future, based on the principle that they can transform their lives and design their own lives”, Sokun explains her ambition. “I’m convinced that education and work provide the best basis for a good life. Through my job, I intend to contribute to the independence and resilience of families in need. We already see the signs of a positive perspective on the future. Step by step, children and their families are learning to strengthen their wellbeing and move towards happiness.”

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