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(Kindergarten) education

The cost of SCCO’s preschool education programs is approximately €20 per child, per month. SCCO offers this for free for 4-5 year olds. At the end of SCCO’s preschool education program, these children move on to the local primary school.

For a one-time fee of €20 per child, you can help a child attend primary school. For this amount we take care of the registration, a first school uniform, school bag, pencil case, pencils and a notebook.

Family Support

SCCO’s social worker(s) maintain close contact with the families and function as coach for parents, young adults and children in Andong, as well as for those who are reintegrated from the children’s center. The social workers help young people with study guidance, (foster) parents with insight into their finances and ensure they have the right social-emotional support when needed.


It is customary in Cambodia to have tutoring during the last years of secondary school, especially for science subjects. Unfortunately, the quality of public secondary schools is often insufficient to pass the exams. SCCO offers a number of young adults extra financial support so that they can follow these tutoring lessons. In addition, SCCO also gives scholarships for English lessons, which are rarely given in public schools but are an important skill for higher education.

Emergency care

SCCO provides (temporarily) emergency care for families in urgent need, while at the same time seeking more sustainable solutions; this can be in the field of nutrition/research as well as medical care. During the COVID19 pandemic, many families in Andong lost their daily income. SCCO helps them with food packages, among other things. This also includes handing out preventive protective equipment such as mouth caps and disinfectant soap. For about €150 per month, depending on the needs and size of the family, SCCO provides emergency care to families in Andong.

Do you want to support a project?

Please contact us or donate the amount of your choice to NL50 RABO 0136 1288 58 in the name of DARA Europe, mentioning the project chosen. In addition to our general newsletter, we can also keep you personally informed of developments related to a specific project.